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COACH UPDATE - InTown and Travel Fall 2023

By Brian Regnier, 09/08/23, 7:15PM EDT


Agawam Soccer Association 

InTown and Travel Coach Update

Fall 2023




InTown Soccer League – Ken Smyth-

Travel Soccer League – Jason Hanscom –


2.Practice Fields:


Please make sure to follow the following guidelines for practices.


Travel teams are not to be at School St Park and InTown teams are not to be at Robinson Pool for Fall 2023.  Each season we have to change fields based on town needs and enrollment. 




  • School St Park – ALL (There is a 7 v 7 field for the 3rd/4th grade teams) 
  • Clark School – Right side ALL when you drive in
  • Granger School – ALL





  • Agawam Jr High – Front Field U13 and U14 Teams
  • Agawam High School – Front grass field 5:30 on (as long as AHS not using) 
  • School ST – There is a set of 24 ft goals that can be used for small practice.  Not to interfere with InTown. 
  • Robinson Pool – U8/U9/U10/U11/U12 Travel teams
    • Goals are not to be used in the goal boxes for practice. Must be moved to touch lines. 
  • Agawam Middle School - U8/U9/U10/U11/U12 Travel teams


3.Practice Notes:


All teams should have portable pop-up goals and equipment for practices that have space with no set fields/goals. Any team that does not have equipment please contact InTown/Travel Directors. 


4. Practice Plans and Agendas:

Coaches have access to the following resources for practice plans and agendas.  Please make every effort to be prepared for practices to get the most out of your session and for the players.  We see too many times that teams are not prepared for practice or have sessions that are not as organized as they can be.  Many coaches are first year coaches or new to soccer.  Please use the resources below to help.  Any coach that has questions or needs help please reach out to coaching director below or your league director.  Coach education and support is a high priority for coaches and for players.  


  1. Mass Youth Soccer Practice Plans – CLICK HERE to access the Mass Youth Soccer Practice Plans for all age groups.  
  2. MOJO Sports – MOJO is an excellent app to help with practice plans for all age groups.  ASA will be making a more formal investment in MOJO soon.  Free accounts are very good as well.  Download the app or check out the web site. Many coaches use these short videos for ideas for training sessions. 
  3. Coaching Director – Frank Montagna.  Frank is currently the assistant boys’ varsity coach at the high school and has years of experience training players and coaches.  Frank’s email is  Please use Frank as a resource for information and also can help run a practice for you at his time discretion. 


  1. Coaches Corner:  On the ASA web site, coaches (when logged in) have access to the “Coaches Corner” tab on the web site.  Very good resources the3re as well.  If you DO NOT have access, please email your director so we can get you added.  Head Coach and Assistants. 

6.Sports Engine Web Site - Calendar

  1. All coaches should have their practices scheduled in Sports Engine.  If you have access issues or need training, please email your director.  You teams will have access in the Sports Engine app top sync schedules with their calendars/phones. 

7.Coach Incentives:

  1. All Intown and Travel coaches have a coach Incentive program that can give you 100% registration fee discount.  Head coaches receive 100% and Assistants receive 50%.  Please see the coach incentive program on the web site.  These discounts are in addition to the multi child discount as well.  

i.InTown Coach Incentive

ii.Travel Coach Incentive

  1. All teams, please check your Sports Engine team to make sure your assistant coaches are listed.  If they are not assigned to your team, they cannot receive the discount.  Any team that has to add an assistant coach please contact your director to do so. 



You league directors will send out information as necessary.  Also please make sure to check the web site and Facebook Page as well.  


THANK YOU for being a coach in Agawam Soccer Association. Please reach out with questions or concerns. 


Thank You,


Brian Regnier/ASA President