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InTown Coach Incentive Program

InTown Coach Incentive Program

Agawam Soccer Association 

InTown Coach Incentive Program


1. Head coach will automatically receive ½ (50%) of child discount (one child) for being head coach of Intown or travel team.

2.  Head coach will receive 100% of player discount if:

The following courses are completed prior to first game of season: 


Grass Roots Coaching Course

Intown:  Age 3-4, Kindergarten, 1st through 4th

US Soccer 4v4 Grassroots License

InTown:  5th – 8th  

US Soccer 7v7 Grassroots License


US Soccer 9v9 Grassroots License


US Soccer 11v11 Grassroots License


Link to MYSA Coach Certification Page:  Coach Education | Massachusetts (

3.  ASA will not reimburse for the cost of the coaching courses.  Coaches will be responsible for payment.  Free courses are offered by Roots Soccer League. If you can not attend the free course coaches will be responsible for registering and paying for their respected courses.  

4.  All registrations will be paid in full and credit will be issued to account on being assigned team and/or completing course. Coaches must submit a copy of their coaching certificate to be kept on file with ASA. Credits will be issued on October 1st and June 1st of the respected fall/spring season. 

5.  Assistant coaches will be awarded 1/2 of the incentive as head coaches.  25% of registration fee on being listed as assistant coach position.  50% on completion of course.  Online registration fees will not be part of the discount. 

6.  Discount will be good as long as coach is on good standing with ASA/MYSA and all requirements are met, discount will carry over from season to season. Coaches to be in good standing must adhere to the Agawam Soccer Coach Expectations guidelines that have been set with the emphasis on overall player development. 

7.  Intown teams may have a maximum of one (1) head coach and one (1) assistant coach per team for the coach incentive.  Teams may have subsequent coaches but will not be part of the coach discount program.  Head coach is responsible for identifying who their first assistant is. 

8.  All head coaching candidates must fill out the Coach Application prior to being interviewed for coaching position. Once a head coach is appointed, he/she may choose assistants.  In some cases, ASA will assign assistants to teams.  

9.  Coaches must have certifications done prior to the first game of upcoming season to be eligible for discount.  

10.  If family is already receiving a multi-child discount this program will be in addition to the multi-child discount. 

            Example if coaching and with more than two children in ASA program:

  1. First child discount for coaching (50 or 100%)
  2. Second Child – pay in full
  3. Third Child – no charge
  4. 4+ Children – 50%

11.  If family is receiving any type of family assistance, this program will not be in affect. 

12.  Agawam Soccer Association reserves the right to modify or eliminate this program at any time.