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Agawam Soccer Association

Northeast Soccer League Guidelines

The Agawam Soccer Association, herein referred to as ASA, is pleased to be able to offer multiple soccer opportunities to further player and coach development.  The relationship between Agawam Soccer and Northeast Soccer League, herein referred to as NSL, is to promote continued player development within the ASA’s program and the associated travel soccer leagues.

The intent of ASA offering NSL opportunities to the players is to keep current teams together from the local travel league (Roots Soccer League - RSL) and allow them to play as a unit in the NSL.  Players are generally expected to remain within the same age group and team from their RSL team when playing NSL.  However, exceptions will be made for players whose age group is not playing NSL and can play birth year eligible or “up” in grade.

For those individuals playing in both the RSL and NSL, ASA’s position is that priority will be given to the Roots Soccer League as primary league and NSL as secondary league as it pertains to potential conflicts and/or player availability.

All rules and standards outlined in the ASA Travel Team Rules and Code of Conduct will apply and pertain to NSL teams, the players, the coaches and the spectators.  In an effort to further clarify the relationship between ASA, RSL and NSL, the following guidelines have been established.

  1. The NSL teams are part of the Mawaga Soccer Club as a division of the ASA.  Mawaga Soccer Club is for naming only.  All business transactions are still done through ASA. 

  2. Team Selection:  Teams will be selected by the standing RSL coach for that team, who must email or submit in writing their intent to enter a team in the NSL to the respective ASA Travel Director and VP of Travel prior to the deadline for NSL Team submissions for the upcoming season.  In the absence of the head coach from the RSL team, another volunteer may request to coach the team providing that they are interviewed and approved by the ASA Board associated with the Travel Program and consistent with the coach selection process within ASA bylaws.  The selected coach will adhere to all ASA guidelines and policies as relates to coaching standards and conduct.

  3. Try Outs:  Try outs will be done within the same time frame as the regularly scheduled Travel Team tryouts in June.  Additional try outs, as appropriate, to fill roster spots will be scheduled by the coach and run with the assistance of the ASA Travel Directors and within the same guidelines as the Travel Team Rules. 

  4. Costs:  Costs will be determined by the ASA Board associated with the Travel Program.

  5. Uniforms:  Uniforms will be the same uniform used for RSL teams.

  6. Player Eligibility:  To be eligible, players must be rosters/associated with a current ASA Travel Team roster.  Any exceptions must be voted on by the ASA Board associated with the Travel Program.  In those instances where a player that resides outside of Agawam is being considered for an NSL Team, the player’s home Club’s President or Travel Director must provide written permission allowing the player to participate on an Agawam NSL Team.  This is done to assure that partner towns within the RSL are not losing players.

  7. Fields:  NSL teams will have access to all approved Agawam Soccer fields.

  8. Practices:  In most cases, the NSL team will be similar to the RSL teams in which additional practices are normally not necessary.  In the event of multiple coaches and players from outside the RSL group playing in the same group, NSL coach should work in conjunction with RSL coach on practices to avoid conflicts. 

Please note that these guidelines are meant as a reference and maybe modified at any time by the ASA Board associated with the Travel Program.