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Parents, as we move Agawam Soccer into the RSL (Roots Soccer League)we want to gove you all instructions on how to sign up your children to be eligible and cleared to play in the league.

The items you will need going into this:


A.  Birth Certificate- scanned into your computer and ready for upload in to system.

B.  Medical Information

C.  Head shot photo of player ready to be uploaded into system.



1.  Please log into your ASA account as you always do and complete your registration and payment for the spring season.

2.  After you have done that please go to the Roots Soccer League web site and register your child with the league (this will be for player passes and rosters).  There is not charge for this just administrative. Click on this link or go to the SOCCER LINKS tab on the ASA web site.


C.  Sign up for a SPORTS NGIN account (basically set up a user name and password)

D.  Once this is done you will be sent a verification email to your email address to complete registration.

E.   Click on the registration link you get in the email and continue process.

F.  Click CONTINUE at bottom of page and begin to input data for your child.  You will need a PHOTO, and SCANNED COPY OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE to continue. You will also need medical card information.

Once done you can complete the registration or continue with another.

Once you are done with this for each child you will not have to do again in the future, just have to update when necessary.