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Here are the past winner of the Agawam Soccer Scholarships that are awarded each year to outgoing Agawam High School Seniors. 

Due to record retention issues we have some gaps in some of the years.  If you are the recipient of a scholarship and are not listed please

Rich Parolo Memorial Scholarship:   

2020   Emily Bonfiglio

2019   Cassidy Patterson

2018    Jessica Bonfiglio

2017    Katelyn Grasso

2016    Jillian Scherpa

2015    Stephen Mateus

2005    Nathan Hughes Little

2004    Alexander Alvanos

2003    Christopher Hall


Christopher Knight Memorial Scholarship:   

2020   Jack Frogameni

2019   Olivia DePergola

2018    No Recipiant

2017    Ethan Chan

2016    Hannah Kresock

2015    Lyndsey Wassung

2014    Sydney Cassell

2005    Jeffrey Lagasse

2004    Nicholas Lyman

2003    Brittany Theriaque


Sullivan Family Scholarship:   

The Sullivan Family Scholarship was designated in 2010.  The scholarship was named for Dan Sullivan and the entire Sullivan family in the wake of the tragic loss of Dan's daughter.  Dan Sullivan was a long time:  coach, board membner, tournament helper, and great ambassador for Agawam Soccer.  The Sullivan family symbolizes the dedication and commitment that families make towards their children with commitment to sports and specifically Agawam Soccer. 

The scholarship is awarded to a high school senior that: A) Participated in ASA as a player, coaching position (head or assistant), tournament volunteer, or referee.  B) The scholarship recipient must also have had a parent or close relative that participated in Agawam Soccer as a: coach, assistant coach, board member, or volunteer.  This brings the "family commitment" level to the scholarship.

2020    Connor Montagna

2019   Tomasso DeCaro, Benjamin Mielnikowski

2018    Alyssa Montagna

2017    Allie Wysocki

2016    Tymothy Regnier

2015    Alyssa Guerette

2014    Elyse Cote

2013    Steve Costa

2010    Greg Santa


Daniele-DeNardo Family Scholarship

In memory of Roberto Daniele and Andrea DeNardo



Agawam Soccer Association Scholarship:  

2020   Anthony Krzykowski, James Typrowicz

2019   Taylor DeGeorge

2018    Nicole Langevin, Joseph Hendrickson

2017    Katelyn Cronin, Thomas Hendrickson 

2016    Katie Martin, Anthony Sciartelli

2015    Alyssa Eggleston

2014    Benjamin Cassidy

2005    Jamie Spear, Mattheew Sadowski, Jeffrey Lagasse, Alex Ellsworth, Kristen Pfau, Nathan Little

2004    Alexander Alvanos, Victoria Urrea, Caitlin Foley, Tory Lyons, Heather Adams, Amanda Janik

2003    Paul Lagasse III , Kevin Fleming, David Rosenberg, Joel Howe, Michael Lalli, Victoria Taylor, Daniel Adamski