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Games of the Agawam Soccer Association shall be played under F.I.F.A Rules, except as modified herein



  • The registration fees and dates shall be determined annually by the Agawam Soccer Association Executive Committee. Any player who does not register during the scheduled sign-up dates shall be placed on a waiting list and be assigned to a team’s roster only if there is room as deemed by the appropriate league director.
  • A late fee shall be assessed for any player added to a roster from a waiting list. No exceptions or waivers of late fees shall be allowed except by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.



Age Groups

  • Pre-K                         Under 5 years old
    Kindergarten              Under 6 years old (must be five (5) by 8/1)
  • Non-Result Oriented   Under 8 years old (must be six (6) by 8/1)
  • Non-Result Oriented   Under 10 years old (must be eight (8) by 8/1)
  • Competitive               Under 12 years old (must be ten (10) by 8/1)
  • Competitive               Under 14 years old (must be twelve (12) by 8/1)
  • Competitive               Under 19 years old (must be fourteen (14) by 8/1)






  • The leagues will be divided in the following manner: Under 12 Division, Under 14 Division and Under 19 Division. All teams and field sizes shall be noted as below. Standings will be maintained and published on a regular basis. Coaches are required to hold a minimum of one (1) practice a week. The Vice-President of In-Town Affairs will distribute a list of practice fields seasonally.


 Participation medals will be given to all players.



  • A coach is required to play a player at least half of each game, provided they have attended the previous week’s practice and is not a discipline problem. If a coach does not conform to this section, the game will be declared a forfeit.
  • If a coach is not playing a player for the above reason, the proper director of the league will be notified twenty-four (24) hours to game time. The decision is up to that director.



  • Each year all teams, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and Under 19 will be assigned by a lottery system to be conducted by the director of the respective league
  • Only the coach’s children and those of one assistant coach will remain with the team
  • Siblings will be assigned to the same team (age appropriate), if requested
  • A parent may request that his/her son/daughter not play for the same coach and the player be assigned to another team by the respective director. However, a parent may not demand the coach to whom he/she wants his/her child assigned to.

    Coach's will not be allowed to request players assigned to their team.  Only the coach's child and up to two assistant coach's may have their child on the same team



Fees for In Town participation are set at the budget meeting and are determined by the previous year’s expenses.  All players must be registered and paid through the online registration system before they will be placed on a roster.  

Any family having three children play in ASA, the third child, playing in the In-Town program will be free.  If all three play PV, they must pay the full amount.  If more than three children play, only one child (In-Town player) is free.



  • New players/late signups will be divided equally among all teams



  • Uniforms will consist of shirt, shorts, socks and footwear, which may be either sneakers or soccer cleats, at individual option. Shin guards are mandatory or the player will not be allowed to participate. No player can play without the official team uniform. There will be no metal cleats, street shoes, jewelry worn during play or anything deemed dangerous by the referee



  • Once a player is assigned to a team, he/she may not be moved without permission of the league director. No player will be allowed to play on any in-town team if he/she plays on an ASA sponsored Pioneer Valley Team.



  • The director of the league may request verification for a player or all players on a team or as he/she may deem fit, if he/she feels that such players do not adhere to the ASA age groups
  • All players must reside in Agawam by the beginning of the season




  • In the event of inclement weather or field conditions, it will be the responsibility of the Vice-President of In-Town Affairs, with the advice from the Director of Referees and league directors to determine which, if any, games should be canceled. All efforts will be made to have any cancellations communicated to all coaches at least one (1) hour before the scheduled start of the game(s), via the telephone and also the ASA website ( )
  • Should the weather or potential playing conditions be questionable and no communication regarding cancellation has been received by any coach, it is the responsibility of each coach to assemble his/her team at the playing field in time for the start of the game. At this time, the on-site referee will make all decisions regarding cancellation
  • Games may be rescheduled at the request of either team, provided such request is made at least twenty (20) days before the scheduled game date. Games may be rescheduled by mutual agreement up to forty-eight (48) hours before game time. In all cases, the league director shall be notified first of the request and in turn the league must be notified by the director as to the change in the scheduled game via the ASA website. If the game is not played for any reason, it may be rescheduled at the discretion of a majority of the Executive Committee. The final disposition of such situation lies in the hands of the Executive Committee. There will be no exceptions to the rule



  • Each coach and assistant coach, or temporary designee, must set a proper example for his/her team by conducting him/herself properly before, during and after each game. Coaches or assistant coaches can be banned from league activities by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee. Reference M.Y.S.A. Coaches Code of Conduct (



  • If a member or members of a team engage in unbecoming conduct before, during or after a game, on or off the field, the Executive Committee may ban them from any further participation in league activities



  • The referee is responsible for the conduct of the game. The referee keeps the time of the game. The referee is the sole judge of the suitability of the field and its equipment, the player’s uniforms and equipment
  • If a referee gives a red card to a player or coach, the referee must submit a statement of what occurred, in writing, to the Director of Referees within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident



  • If no referee shows, coaches should make every effort to agree on a substitute and play the game. All referee no shows should be reported to the Director of Referees.



  • All games are scheduled to start at a specific time. ( )
  • The referee will allow a ten (10) minute grace period after the scheduled start time if either team is not ready to play

·        If one full half of a game has been completed, the game is considered complete, should it be stopped due to inclement weather, etc. rescheduled as considered necessary by the Executive Committee



  • If a player leaves the bench to take part in a fracas and is ejected by the referee, he/she shall be suspended for the rest of the season



  • Managers, coaches or players must leave the playing field area (complex) when ejected from a game and may not, in any way after ejection, continue to coach or manage. A manager, coach or player, who has been ejected or suspended, may not return to his/her team in any capacity until such time as the suspension has been lifted. Failure to abide by this rule could mean permanent suspension from the league. No substitutions may be made for an ejected player. The team must play short for the remainder of the game



  • Any player or coach ejected from a game for any reason will be automatically suspended for the next league or playoff game. Suspensions may be for more than one game if the reason for the ejection is thought serious enough by a majority of the Executive Committee. 



  • At no time will alcoholic beverages or tobacco products be allowed before, during or after a game, on or off the field (complex). The league will not make any exceptions. The rule will apply to coaches, managers, players and spectators.



  • Spectators will not be permitted to disrupt games or hand out verbal or physical abuse to players or referees. Failure to control spectators can result in loss of all games for the remainder of the season. 
  • Spectators will be restricted to one side of the field, players only will be allowed on the other. Spectators must stay at least ten (10) feet away from the sideline of the field during the game and will not be allowed behind either goal at any time during the game. 
  • Coaches and managers are responsible for the conduct of themselves, their players and spectators at all league matches. Abusive and obscene language, racial and / or ethical disparagements, violent play, violent conduct, fighting and other behavior detriment to the game will not be tolerated.


Note: In instances where disciplinary measures appear appropriate or are recommended, the President will convene a special meeting of the Executive Committee.



  • These Rules and Regulations may be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Committee