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Spring Soccer Registration
To All ASA Members and Families:   On behalf of the ASA...
Update On Fall Season - Thank You!
To All Our ASA Members:   First of all we sincerely hope...
Spring Soccer Registration

To All ASA Members and Families:


On behalf of the ASA Board, we sincerely hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.  We had a tremendous amount to reflect on in 2020 from a personal perspective and from a youth sports perspective.


Heading into this pandemic and seeing the daunting task of maneuvering kids through a soccer season seemed surreal at times.  It was a challenge for sure.  It was amazing to see how well our:  board members, parents, players, and family members responded to all the changes and confusion that was going around.  When we lost the spring 2020 season I didn’t think much of it.  I figured we could all deal with it for a season and regroup for the fall.  I don’t think any of us back in March thought we would still be dealing with it come fall.  But we did.  The more we saw how kids were being impacted by the lack of socialization and overall activities, it became clear that working hard to get the fall season in place and executed for the kids was very important.


And we did it. All of us. As we reported back at the conclusion of the fall, not one player in Agawam Soccer ( and other towns for the data we have) got sick from transmition at soccer.  That is a stat to be proud of for everyone’s work in getting it done for the kids. 


As we transition from fall to spring soccer we are excited at the opportunity again that the kids have to get out and play sports with their friends.  To get out of the house and work hard at a sport.  All the things we may have took for granted prior to the pandemic, we can appreciate and work again to provide a safe and healthy activity for kids. 


We lost about 20% of the overall enrollment from fall 2019 to fall 2020.  13% on the Intown side and 30% on the travel side.  The travel side numbers do not reflect the amount of kids that didn’t play but we had situations where too many kids did not play, forcing teams to not have enough to carry on.  This spring we are looking to try and get those kids back and on the field. 


We would expect families to always make the best decisions for the safety of their children and some people may not be ready yet as others may be.  Its all a personal choice to make.  As we feel the safety protocols in soccer were executed very well, some people may still be hesitant, and in those cases we are here for those kids when the time is best for their family to do so. 


Spring soccer will be starting in April, although we do see the ability to get outside in March for kids that are already registered. 


Registration is now OPEN for spring soccer. 


All players that were on travel teams in the fall , please log in and register for the spring. 


Any travel player that did NOT play fall, but were previously on a travel team in fall 2019 or spring 2020 (registered even though we didn’t play), you may register for fall.  We did not do try outs as in years past and we welcome kids to return and we will figure out the roster situations as they develop.  Its important now that we offer an opportunity for kids regardless of their situation from being on a team prior to now.

Any player that was NOT on a travel soccer roster at any point and is interested in playing, please register as well. 

Registering now doesn’t necessarily finalize anything but it lets us know our enrollment for the spring as well as prepare travel rosters.  We are not looking for payment yet, but your registration right now is key.  Spring rosters for travel will be set by end of January.

Agawam Soccer Registration.  Click HERE

Intown league is ready to roll as well and we are very excited for our spring program.

by posted 01/03/2021
Update On Fall Season - Thank You!

To All Our ASA Members:


First of all we sincerely hope for all the kids that the fall soccer season was positive and a great break from this crazy year.  We also sincerely hope that everyone stayed safe and healthy as this virus continues to be with us. 


I personally found it great to see my team and the enthusiasm the kids had to get out of the house and participate in a athletic event was priceless.  It makes all the work that had to be done prior and during the season so worth it for the kids.


The Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association, the State of Mass, and the Town of Agawam all put together a plan to keep kids safe while enjoying soccer. 


The Town of Agawam was excellent in working with ASA to make sure we had the right safety plan in place and that we executed that plan with our members.  Having the support from the town to be able to execute a safety plan is very rewarding as other towns we have dealt with did not allow that interaction and many towns had kids not participate in soccer. 


We are proud to say that our COVID Safety Officer has indicated that we did not have one case of transmition at any soccer event this fall.  We have had members test positive that came from outside soccer, but we did not have any transmitions during the season at a soccer event.  So kids that came to soccer, were safe at soccer, and that is something that everyone is to be proud of.


Thank You to all of our parents, who supported and maintained the disciplines with your children to have masks on and limit spectators.  Thank You to our coaches who had to implement and coach through safety protocols and game change rules so that the kids could be safe.  The coaches did an amazing job this year considering the circumstances.  We had to work through some things as this wasn’t an easy change for anyone , but everyone did what we expected them to do, put the kids first and give them a season and some normalcy. 


Thank You to the ASA Board for their hard work and determination to have a season for the kids.  It was no easy task getting this season going and set up and executed.  It’s a thankless job but the entire board did an excellent job.  Jeff Heinze in particular shouldered a significant amount of work in keeping us updated on all the changes (both on the field and off) with soccer and working with the various health boards as needed. 


ASA was able to continue with our golf tournament and our calendar raffle.  All these were so important as the need to help people and assist our members was never greater. ASA was able to meet all of our obligations to our scholarship winners and continue to help families in need. 


Just as I say to everyone when discussing soccer, soccer never really ends.  It just progresses from one season to another.  As we exhale after this fall season we are ready to start preparing for spring soccer.  We expect big numbers for the spring as we look back on a very successful fall season we look forward to an even better spring season.


Thank You to everyone, stay safe, and see you back on the field this spring!

by posted 11/16/2020


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